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Dhulikhel Day Tour

Dhulikhel is a small city of about 15,000 population, which hosts ethnic groups including Newars, Brahmin, Chhettri, Tamang and Dalit. The diversity of population is in part thanks to the fact that Dhulikhel has for many centuries been an important trading center on the ancient commercial route linking Nepal to Tibet.

The plan of the city has been based on ancient Hindu planning doctrine with the position, shape, scale and dominance between buildings, temples, public squares all having their own meaning and harmony.

Dhulikel offers a spectacular view of snow-capped Himalayan mountains considered one of the finest panoramic views in the world. When a blue haze covers the lower portion of the mountains, they seem to be floating in the air.

There is much history in Dhulikel and, among others, a short visit to Namobuddha, with the Buddhist stupa and monastery, is highly recommended. There is also Panauti, a village noted for its numerous temples with magnificent woodcarvings, is a short distance from Dhulikhel, which is well worth a visit.