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Expedition Support & Level

We provide 5 different levels of service and support that suits climbers from which you can choose According to your experience, budget needs and mountain you want to climb. 

Climbers can choose the level of support that suits their experience, budget and mountain they want to climb. We are able to offer 5 levels of expedition support to meet your needs and budget.

1. Permits And In Country Administration Only:

  • Permit and documents processing and facilitation only:
  • This service is for all peaks in Nepal we facilitate and ensure that you are able to start your expedition as soon as possible.   

2. Permits porter and climbing guide service :

This service is generally for trekking peaks, our experienced climbing guide will assist you from base camp to the summit and a porter will accompany you on the trek.  +  Permit and documents processing and facilitation.   

3.Base Camp Service:

  •  As a, above plus everything up to and including everything you need for Base Camp. You just are responsible for arrangements on the mountain.
  • Everything can be provided which you need for base camp  in trekking peak 

4. Professionally Lead Expeditions:

  •  In this format, we will provide: all arrangements up to Base Camp. A nominated experienced local Expedition Leader or local Base Camp Manager will be at Base Camp and usually above and be in radio contact with the team members, Sherpas and other staff. 
  • Sherpas or local high altitude porters / climbers will place all camps above Base Camp as instructed by the Leader. The purpose of a Professionally Lead Expedition is to give experienced climbers the chance to climb an 8000 m peak. Such climbers would not need or expect “Guiding” in the traditional sense on the mountain. The leader would be experienced and give advice and assistance as appropriate.   

5.Professionally Guided and fully organized  Expeditions:

  •  The approach involves the qualified Local Leader overseeing the establishment of camps and fixing ropes, managing other Guides and being responsible for all aspects of safety on the mountain. 
  • We take care of all the requirements for successful mountain expedition fromDocuments processing and permit ,hotel ,logistic ,porter, climbing guide transport ,base camp service ,high camp service arrival /departure.