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Pathibhara Devi Darshan Tour

Pathibhara Devi shrine (3794 m) is a popular pilgrimage destination that is believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of her devotees. The animist deity at Pathivara is worshipped with equal reverence by both Hindus and Buddhist. The Goddess at Pathibhara is believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of her devotees, like sons for those without sons, and wealth for the poor. Pathibhara Devi is considered one of the 'Shakti peethas'. Worshippers from different parts of Nepal and India flock the temple during special occasions, as it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures fulfilment of all that the pilgrim desires. The devotees of Pathibhara also include members of the Royal family from Nepal. The pilgrims sacrifice animals and bring gold and silver as offerings to the Pathibhara Devi.

Pathibhara Devi Darshan Tour The best time to visit the temple is from March through out to June and September to November. Pilgrimages can also have an opportunity to visit Kanchenjunga range, the waterfall at Sawa pokhari and the pond of Timbuk, during autumn and spring every year. The thick forest ecosystem along the trail offers diversity of wildlife, birds, flowers and butterflies. Most of the Kanchenjunga range can also be seen from this point.

The journey to Pathibhara starts from Suketar (2840 m) which takes about 2-hours walk to reach from Phungling Bazaar. Pathibhara Devi is about 8-10 hours from Suketar. The airport at Suketar is the only airport of Taplejung district. Suketar is connected to Kathmandu and Biratnagar by scheduled flights. Beautiful views of Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna can be seen from Suketar. From Suketar the trail passes through Deurali, Chhodunga, Bhalgamda, Phedi and finally to Pathibhara if you go there you can get unforgettable experience from there and you can also relies with mixed community overe there as they have a mixed culture.

The trail offers food and lodging facilities. Basic accommodation facilities are also available for pilgrims near the shrine.The local people here are the Limbus, with the higher regions inhabited by people of Tibeto-Mongoloid ancestry. Sherpas, Rais, Gurungs, Magars, Newars, Sunward, and Tamangs also live in this area, while the area also offers cultural diversity of Chhetris and Brahmins


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu overnight at Hotel.

Day 02: Am breakfast and departure from kathmandu to Birtamod by Normal bus It will take 12 hours driving distance to reach in Birtamod. Overnight at hotel.

Day 03: Am breakfast and departure from Birtamod to Taplejung by bus. It will take you 12 hours to reach in Taplejung (The district headquarters of Taplejung). Overnight at hotel.

Day 04: After your Breakfast, walk up to the Suketar.It will take about 2 ½ hours to reach in suketar. Observe the surroundings and local lifestyle along the trail. Have a lunch over the side. Afterwards you will be walk up to the Deurali (Tea-Shop) overnight at hotel.

Day 05: After your breakfast start walk up to Phedi .It will take you about 4-5 hours walking distance to reach in Phedi. Bird watching along the trail. View mountains and sceneries on the way. Overnight Phedi (Tea Shops)

Day 06: Phedi to Pathivara. Darshan of Pathivara Devi. Bird watching on the way. View mountains and sceneries from Pathivara. Walk back to Phedi. 2.5 hrs. Overnight Phedi (Tea-shops).

Day 07: Walk from Phedi to Suketar. Visit the local monastery. You can have a local food. 4-5 hrs. Overnight Suketar (Lodges/tea-shops).

Day 08: Fly directly to Kathmandu from Suketar or via Biratnagar. 1 hr (more fly via Biratnagar). Overnight Kathmandu (hotels/ Lodges)

Day 09: Fly back to your destination. Arrival in Kathmandu overnight at Hotel.